Devil’s Den Prehistoric Spring

Devil’s Den – Williston, FL

Devil’s Den Prehistoric Spring is a unique little spot in Williston, FL. The underground spring is formed by a karst window. It is home to extinct animal fossils dating back 33 million years. The water is crystal clear with maximum depth of 54 feet/16.45 meters. Much like Blue Grotto, the water is a constant 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

The name “Devil’s Den” was given by early settlers – not because of spooky things lurking below the surface, but from cold winter mornings where you can see smoke-like steam rising from the chimney opening.  Newbie divers looking to obtain Open Water certification regularly use this privately owned and operated training and recreational facility. You can opt for snorkeling if diving isn’t your jam.

  • Entrance at Devil's Den
  • Overlook at Devil's Den
  • Surface Interval
  • Wetsuits hanging to dry after our dives
  • Exit at Devil's Den

Scuba diving admission is $38 per person and is first come, first served, except for night diving, where you’ll need to make an appointment at least 7 days in advance. Full scuba rental gear is available for an additional $45, or individual equipment rental is available. You must have a dive buddy for admission. No doubles, reels, re-breathers, knives, or side mounts allowed. Absolutely no cave entry.

Snorkeling is available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. ​Each snorkeler must register individually.  

You can book a reservation for camping – options include cabins, tents and RVs. The lodging fees do NOT include snorkeling or diving admission fees.

Devil’s Den is open 364 days a year, closing only on Christmas Day. Hours of operation are 9:00am-5:00pm EST Monday – Thursday, and 8:00am-5:00pm EST on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Make sure you’re in the water by 4:00pm EST if you are looking to dive here!

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