Blue Grotto Dive Resort

Blue Grotto – Williston, FL

Blue Grotto Dive Resort is another great scuba site located near Devil’s Den in Williston, FL, about 2 hours north of the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. The freshwater springs are a constant 72 degrees. The location is great for students and training, as well as certified divers. The Grotto has a classroom and 12ft training pool (reserve in both advance), as well as a strategically placed platform into the springs to practice giant stride & back roll entries.

As you enter the open-water basin (depth of 40 feet/12 meters), there are 3 large platforms for training purposes. To get to depth of 50ft/15m, you’ll need to enter the large upper cavern; there’s an air bell near the entrance with breathable air and viewing windows – definitely worth checking out. There’s a lower cavern for those with the proper training & certs, offering depths up to 100ft/30m). Interesting artifacts are found throughout the cavern and keep your eyes peeled for the underwater resident, Miss Virgil the Turtle – you won’t be able to find her, but she will definitely find you.

Have no fear if you are cave certified – there’s some fun for you, too! The Cave at the Blue Grotto Dive Resort is something few have seen; it remains in its almost natural state, with fragile rock formations and deep, undisturbed layers of silt. Access is limited to those with exceptional skills, including proper cave certification, so the site is something few have seen. To ensure the preservation of the cave, you’ll need a qualified guide in addition to highest level of skills.

Cabins, cottages, tent & RV sites are available for camping on property. You can even book a reservation online.

There is a boat load of information online whether you are an instructor, student, or planning a dive trip with family & friends. This includes forms such as waivers and liability releases.

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